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AI is exploding.

It’s transforming companies, industries and whole ecosystems.

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What We Do

Knowledge Reactor is a data science consultancy dedicated to helping both early- and late-stage companies improve their AI-infused products and services. We don’t focus on just single, isolated ML problems; rather we focus on our clients’ extended AI journey. And we train our client’s developers on the models, so they can enhance them themselves if desired.
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What is AI?

While machine learning consumes the lion’s share of media coverage these days, AI is a much broader topic than just machine learning. We have deep expertise in many AI and ML technologies: classical machine learning, neural networks, big graphs, natural language processing (NLP), multiagent systems, formal logics, advanced mathematics and others.

In particular, IoT is exploding and AIoT (AI for IoT) analytics is exploding with it. There are many data science practitioners focused on vision and NLP analytics. We focus on AIoT analytics, which are not as widely practiced, and have spent years adapting ML technologies to AIoT.


My entire professional career, I have intuitively believed that distributed software component architectures, in some fashion, were the future. And while components would clearly be important, I also came to believe they were only half of the solution. The “software wires” that interconnect components – component relationships — were a crucial element, overlooked by most designers. The software wires were much more than hardware wires, and would communicate much more than mere bits of information. They would communicate high-level concepts and even structure the conversation between components. I generalized from components to multiagent systems, and from point-to-point software wires to multi-point protocols, but the basic ideas and motivations are the same. I pursued research in multiagent systems because I saw it as a natural fit for our emerging interconnected business world. In its approach, my research focuses on the “wires” (protocols). I still seek to make this dream a reality. — Dr. Scott Gerard
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PhD dissertation

"Designing, Verifying and Evolving Commitment-based Protocols for Business" at NC State University in 2013. Before that, I received a Masters of Science (MS) in Physics at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Physics and Mathematics at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Member of IBM Academy of Technology

which is 800 of IBM's top technical talent. I'm an IBM Master Inventor with over 66 patents, and have been active in intellectual property (IP) for over 25 years. I reviewed thousands of colleagues’ patent disclosures and chaired invention disclosure review teams for both Watson (NLP focus) and AI Aging and Accessibility (AI and IoT focus).

Worked at IBM for multiple decades

in many software technologies, working on VLSI chip design, Modula-2 compiler, System APIs, consulting, object-oriented data bases, Watson, IBM Research and Watson Talent Acquisition.