AI Action Plan Workshop

AI Action Plan Workshop

AI applies to every industry and company these days. But many companies don’t have the necessary background and training to build their own, effective AI action plan.

This half-day or whole-day workshop targets business and technology executives and managers. We get together to understand your challenges and aspirations. Then we craft your customized AI Action Plan Roadmap to focus your efforts on the AI options with the best value. The final result is an AI Action Plan Report to guide and organize your team, enabling them to efficiently move forward into your AI future.

The AI Action Plan Workshop contains:

  • A live, half-day or whole-day, interactive workshop.
  • You present an overview of your business and your challenges and aspirations.
  • Dr. Scott level-sets attendees with key AI decision points to guide the workshop discussion.
  • Multiple design thinking exercises to deep dive into your challenges and aspirations, and uncover any hidden issues. Then we explore your AI options.

Attendees receive:

  • Copy of presentation materials.
  • AI Action Plan Report summarizing the workshop discussion plus a list of business AI recommendations.

The sessions are hosted by Dr. Scott Gerard, a certified Distinguished Data Scientist with decades of deep expertise in the IT industry. The half-day or whole-day workshop can be delivered virtually or in-person (for best results). Sessions are scheduled around you and guaranteed to start within 2-3 weeks of sign up. For groups of up to 10 people, price is $5000 for half-day or $7500 for full-day (plus travel, if any).

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